Financial Crime:
Market Abuse Training for UK Investment Firms

The price for this course: $60.00

Financial Crime:
Market Abuse Training for UK Investment Firms

The price for this course: $60.00

Course duration 60 mins

CPD points 1 point

This course provides a sound knowledge and awareness of money laundering and terrorist financing, how to avoid their pitfalls and the consequences of transgression.

At the end of the course the user should be able to:
- Understand the concepts of civil and criminal market abuse
- Identify the framework in place to manage and mitigate market abuse risks
- Consider how this framework applies to the firm and to the user’s role and responsibilities

This course is suitable for anyone that works for a FCA-regulated Investment Firm. It can be used as both an induction course, for example for new staff members, and a refresher course.

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